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Scott Laughlin


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J. Scott Laughlin


Client Testimonials


Brian & Debbie L. - Bryn Mawr


"Approximately mid-June 2012, we began looking for a new home in Pennsylvania coninciding with my husband's change in work status. We were directed to a home in Elkins Park and the agent happened to be Scott Laughlin.


That home was not for us, though as soon as my husband met Scott, he knew we had an aganet. When I met Scott, I understood what Brian meant in his description of Scott as straight forward and to the point. Neither of us is fond of agents that think every home is perfect and right for any Buyer.


We had particular thoughts as to what we wanted in a home. We are in a different stage of life than when we bought our home in New York fifteen years ago. Two of our children arre in college and one has only two more years at home. Scott studied us and knew better than we did what we wanted and needed. He showed us homes that we chose and some that he chose. He was fair and realistic in guiding us. We came to realize we were not as centered in our thinking as we thought. Scott asked us the difficult questions and we put him through his paces.


Scott has a great personality. He was cheerful early in the morning and into the evening. He never promised what he could not do and we greatly appreciated his honesty in every area. Scott was our agent, though he also became our friend. He took great care of us every step of the way.


We certainly tested his stamina by looking at fifty homes before entering a house that immediately felt comfortable and livable. Scott guided us expertly throughout the buying process, His smile kept us going.


Once in a while, life gets it right! As Scott will understand, our partnership was "Bashert"/


We would cheerfully recommend Scott to anyone as an outstanding agent. He is also a terrific photographer!"


Dave & Sherry C. - Rose Valley


"Knowing the relationship Scott established with some of our neighbors while selling their houses, made choosing him to sell our home a natural. His knowledge of the Architect who designed our home and of our little historic community was important to us, and it was so evident in the way he marketed our house.


Scott guided us before putting our house on the market, helping us to see what updates were imperative, what things a new Owner would prefer to do, and showing us just how to stage our home. Scot has an artist's eye, and his photography of our home is beautiful. Since so many home buyers are now using the Internet to research available properties, Scott created a website just for our house, complete with photos, video, floor plan, a map of the neighborhood, and a darn near poetic description. I fell in love with our house all over again, seeing what Scott had done.


Scott checked in daily, and knowing how competent he is, we felt calm, relaxed and confident that Scott was working for us. The phrase "going the extra mile" is all about Scott, because he will use all resources avaialble to him to sell your house. We recommend Scott without reservation. He is intelligent, professional and he has become a good and trusted friend."


Hilary E. - Rose Valley


"Thank you is simply too inadequate a phrase to express my gratitude and appreciation for your work as our Realtor. You brought much experience, encouraging words, marketing expertise & a joie de vivre that made the process go so well."


Marc & Jenny S. - Chestnut Hill


"Scott is an extremely professional and knowledgeable real estate agent.  His extensive knowledge of older houses as well as the neighborhoods in the greater Philadelphia area was tremendously helpful to us as he helped us narrow down our choices by spending the time to first determine our needs and then patiently finding suitable properties. Scott is not only well informed but he is truly experienced and easily guided us through the house buying process. He provided us with easy to understand descriptions on issues, items, deadlines and deliveries at every point in the process, in addition to giving clear guidance on insurance, mortgage, neighborhood character, contract information and so on.

In summary, Scott is truly familiar with the historic houses in the Philadelphia area and brings both professional enthusiasm and careful preparation to good use.  He professionally steers the home buyer through the buying process making sure that all deadlines are met, that contract terms were satisfactorily explained, inspections coordinated and all documents carefully and professionally reviewed.  We could not have asked for a better agent and are extremely happy with Scott and our new house. Scott is a true professional."

Pat & Roger K. - Elkins Park

"We used Scott to sell our home in 2010 and found him to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He suggested ways to de-clutter our home to make it more presentable, took excellent photos, provided guidance in evaluating offers, advised us what changes/upgrades were advisable and managed our expectations effectively.

As an active community member, Scott was in a good position to sell our location. He responded quickly to emails and phone calls. I highly recommend Scott to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."

Alysse E.. - Wyncote

"You are a master of what you do, and you''ve been an even better friend - if that is possible.  You''ve made what could have been an overwhelming experience into a wonderful and enlightening experience.

As a wheelchair user, I had very specific need and requirements for my home; flat lot, open layout, easy entrances and egress, safe and attractive neighborhood, proximity to my Son's school, shopping, etc. Scott's knowledge of his service areas is so thorough that it narrowed our search considerably and saved time. His design sensibilities are excellent and he is able to envision what alterations are possible and their approximate costs. Although this house needed only some minor adaptations, Scott negotiated the changes into the purchase price with appropriate safeguards should the adaptations not meet expectations.

The same is true for negotiating the sensitive time table between securing funds and developing a timeline for inspections, settlement dates, etc. Hi business ethics are beyond reproach. He is smart, articulate and his interpersonal skills enable him to communicate with all parties of the transaction in a friendly and congenial way. He always returned calls, emails and produced required documents immediately. I felt completely secure knowing that all my concerns were represented and addressed. In short, purhasing this home was as close to being painless as buying a home could ever be!"

Bill & Patty P. - Flourtown

"Scott was terrific to work with when we were looking for a new home. He took all of our requirements into consideration. He provided valuable input into the pros and cons of different properties, both in how a particular property would meet our specific needs and in how different features could affect resale value in the future.

I think we ended up with a great house at a great price, which only happened because he was constantly "on the lookout" for properties for us and caught one just as it came on the market. We are very happy with our purchase and the the help & support that Scott provided."

Sandy V. - Wyncote


“I have just seen your email to Vladimir yesterday; your creative writing skills and photography definitely deserve an  A+ !


We all want to see our homes portrayed as exceptional, our lifestyles as enviable, but most of all we want our listing agent to be passionate and tough when it comes to ''chatting up'' any negatives expressed by buyers'' agents. This is the reason that we need a gifted communicator like you to be present during inspections; you have so much information and so many positive answers for buyers, it would be a shame to have a buyers'' agent dilute your words.


Everything you have done is spectacular as well as interesting, and should really ''speak'' to the demographic we are chasing. You are absolutely gifted, with your ability to write seductive copy that is actually fascinating from a historical point of view, very appealing to the sophisticated buyer.”


''The pen is mightier than the sword,''   Edward George Earl Lytton.


Naomi B. – Chestnut Hill


"Selling my home in the fall of 2006 shouldn''t have been this easy, but I was smart enough or lucky enough to have hired Scott Laughlin as my Realtor. From his first visit I thought we were a perfect fit and I was right. Starting with his amazing photographs to his enthusiasm and excellent taste in beautifully showcasing my home to its best advantage. I felt I was in good hands. But most importantly for a worrier like myself, he was a comfort and support when I needed it most, and always eased my concerns with a touch of much needed perspective and humor...I will always have the fond memories of Chestnut Hill and my humble home... thanks in part to the experience of selling that home with the help of Scott."


Lance C. – Glenside


"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we had a wonderful experience dealing with Scott Laughlin... He came to us with a definite strategy and he was very responsive to our needs. In addition to being personable, Scott was very professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of the process. It was a pleasure doing business with him and we would give him a strong recommendation."


Joanne F. - Glenside


"We found out we were very lucky to have chosen Scott Laughlin to be in charge of selling our home at.... He was never late for all our appointments, always looked neat & great and was always very pleasant to talk to. We appreciated all of his wonderful pictures of the house. He even made me my own envelope of pictures, inside & out, to bring with me when I moved to Normandy Farm Estates. When things didn''t seem to be going quickly, he always found another new solution to our problems & he was always local. He was always very respectful to me, in all he did for us."


Carleton S. – Jenkintown


“… thank you for so skillfully and kindly steering me through the process of acquiring my Condo, and I’m completely confident in helping me get my house sold. I feel very fortunate in having you represent me.”


“…but most of all, thank you for your skillful guidance in finding a Condo and selling my house. I feel totally happy about the outcome of the whole process and will be forever grateful to you for making it so pleasant and easy for me.”


Jack & Jane H. – Wyndmoor


“Thanks for all your efforts working our Open House.  Your detailed planning and preparation, no doubt, significantly contributed to the strong turnout which exceeded our expectations.  We found your approach friendly, professional and thoughtful and feel thankful for your involvement…”


Mike & Shannon O. – Glenside


“…We can now move forward with our second chapter of living in a neighborhood we truly love and enjoy with our family.  You made this happen and for that we are grateful.  Finally, thank you for your hard and prodigious work in selling our home...”


Mark P. & Bob M. - Chestnut Hill


"I have known Scott for close to 20 years. We chose him to assist us to list our house in Philadelphia in the Spring of 2011. He is very professional. He told us how to stage our house. Then he came in and took fabulous pictures of our home. He made a beautiful color booklet to market our home. The house sold in 3 days! I really believe it was Scott's creative work that helped us sell the house. I would recommend Scott highly."


David & Barbara B. – Media

“Scott is an outstanding agent -- smart, knowledgeable, ethical, patient, and relentless on behalf of his clients' interests. I cannot recommend him highly enough, and will send friends and clients to him without reservation. We engaged him before moving to Philly from Seattle, and we knew very little about the area. He showed us dozens of homes across the region before we found one that was perfect, and we never felt pressured by Scott.”

Bruce & Renee M. – Glenside

“I used to think I didn't really need a broker; I could search the internet listings as well as anyone. Then I met Scott Laughlin. He not only found me the perfect house, the house he found for me wasn't even for sale -- I never would have found it. Then he honestly told me that I was overpaying (how many brokers will do that!!!). But I was willing to overpay. I bought the perfect house and I lived happily ever after, thanks to Scott.”

Marla S. – Glenside

“I am a real estate attorney and have worked with many agents. Scott is by far one of the best agents I have ever come across and highly recommend him. Scott was retained to assist us in selling my mother's home. In addition to his caring and sensitive treatment of my mom who was selling the home she loved and lived in for 60 years and all of the associated emotional difficulties, Scott was the consummate professional from the beginning of the process through closing. His marketing of the home and all of the materials he prepares including professional photographic brochures are the best. He is candid, realistic and supportive through the entire process. His attention to details, his negotiation skills and handling through the agreement of sale and inspection period were top notch. He even puts together his own appraisals and meets with the lender's appraiser during the mortgage approval process. There is no one I would recommend more than Scott if you are interested in selling a home.”

Bert & Nava K. – Elkins Park

“This was my first experience selling a house, and we had a challenge finding a good buyer for a very large property in a difficult market. Scott was a hands-on professional every step of the way. He never missed a date or a deadline, "held our hands" through all the hard work we needed to do, and in the end delivered exactly what we needed. All of this, plus a very pleasant and professional manner. We were very lucky to have Scott as an agent, and we found him because he got his name out in the marketplace with class and persistence.”

Jim T. – Glenside

“Scott provided several good options in great neighborhoods and patiently went through each home with me, pointing out the good and the bad, as opposed to trying to sell every single place we looked at. Once I picked the home I liked best he worked very quickly to put in my offer. Additionally, once I had the home Scott had contacts for every home improvement I was looking to do from painters, to floor refinishers, to tree stump removers, etc. I was able to quickly get my home in great shape with Scotts help.

Since then Scott has stayed in contact via emails and holiday cards and after five years Scott recently visited my home to help me consider the pros and cons of some remodeling I'm considering, plus offering up several great ideas I hadn't thought of as well as providing me with yet another contact…. the architect I'll need to lay out the changes I'm looking for.

All in all Scott is one of the most knowledgeable realtors I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. If I ever decide to make another move my first call will be to Scott. If you are looking for expertise without a lot of realtor BS, Scott is your man.”

Bruce & Renee McC. – Glenside

“I used to think I didn't really need a broker; I could search the internet listings as well as anyone. Then I met J. Scott Laughlin. He not only found me the perfect house, the house he found for me wasn't even for sale -- I never would have found it. Then he honestly told me that I was overpaying (how many brokers will do that!!!). But I was willing to overpay. I bought the perfect house and I lived happily ever after, thanks to J. Scott Laughlin.”

Dana & Matthew W. – Glenside/Wyncote

“Scott Laughlin helped us find our dream home...and it wasn't even for sale!! He also helped us sell our house..in 4 days with multiple offers! He is a true professional. He was always available and followed up on every little detail. He helped us prepare our house for sale giving us staging advice and his photography skills captured the beauty of our home in a way that almost made us want to stay! It is rare to find such a truly honest and dedicated person who is so passionate about what they do.

We relied on Scott's knowledge and advice every step of the way...we could not have done it without him! We now have our dream home AND a new dear friend!!”

John & Shirley T. – Melrose Park

“Scott was excellent! His "niche" is historic homes, and he came through with flying colors for my husband and I. Scott is not your typical real estate agent, look around, put on market, hopefully sell house... NO!!!! Scott spent many hours with us advising on the market, the correct listing price for our home, addressed items to be repaired BEFORE we listed the house, etc. All very helpful and extremely important. He was always available when we needed him for questions, he always showed up on time, and worked very hard to show our house and get it sold.

Our home is 114 years old, and Scott researched the original owner! He writes beautifully and put together a stunning brochure of our home, including spectacular photographs he took himself (obviously he's an expert photographer!). In a not so good market, our 6000 sq ft home sold quickly, to buyers we absolutely love! There were no glitches, hiccups or issues. If we faced a hump in the road, Scott was there to smooth it over and work things out. Actually, my husband and I were in NY traveling when the offer we accepted came in, and Scott was able to conduct all necessary business over the phone and/or internet! My husband and I have now moved to San Diego, but plan to buy another property in the Philadelphia area in the next couple of years. We would absolutely, without a doubt, use Scott Laughlin as our realtor.”

Felix & Pierrette B. – Wyncote

“We were aware of Scott's expertise in real estate and his local knowledge of the market from having read his monthly property analyses. So when it came time to sell, we contacted him to be our agent. We were not disappointed!

From the first contact he walked us through the process with great skill and compassion. The compassion part was important because there were a lot of bumps in the road (at least to us) and he was like a shock absorber keeping things moving forward at all times. It was like he didn't have other clients and we were his primary concern. This included lots of personal attention because we were traveling a lot and there was a need for things to be checked on at the house with all the storms this winter.

As an agent, he is knowledgeable and highly skilled as a negotiator. We definitely got the sale we wanted and we owe it all to Scott. We have decided to adopt him!”

Jayne J. – Glenside (resides in NYC)

“Scott was a true professional in every sense of the word. Living in another state, Scott helped us to get the maximum value for our home and positioned it perfectly for sale. He has great knowledge of the area and we would highly recommend him! He made the process and negotiation easy and effortless for us, which was important as we were clearing out a home occupied for 57+ years.”

John F. & Ric C. – Melrose Park

“Moving from one home to another is troublesome, but then add doing it from Miami to Philly and you just open a can of ugly worms. Lucky for us we found Scott from the internet and could not be happier with everything.

We contacted Scott from his amazing web page he created for the house we purchased. Before arriving into Philly he kept us advised of all new listings and updates on current ones. Since we only had a few days in the city, he planned out a schedule, enabling us to see the most houses in a small period of time. In the end, it was the first house I viewed online with his web site that we ultimately purchased. Guess I was already sold.

Scott helped throughout the entire process meeting inspectors, roofers and repairmen as we were back in Florida trying to sell our home. Must say, everything went extremely well, all due to his expertise in his industry of real estate.

He was there of us for the entire process including after closing with questions about the neighbors, painters and dining. He is the real deal!! Thanks Scott!!”

Cat & Jeff McL. – Glenside/Wyncote

“Scott is our realtor. Over the years, he has helped us purchase two homes and sell one.

Scott is the expert on unique and historic homes. If you are looking for something outside the normal cookie cutter house, something with character and history, he is the realtor to hire. He navigated us through a difficult home purchase - it could have easily fallen through a few times if it were not for his experience and connections.

Scott is also an experienced professional at marketing your home to sell. He took gorgeous photos of our home and marketed it expertly through both traditional and social channels. Our house sold in three days! His commitment to his clients goes beyond the sale and purchase experiences. Scott has helped us connect with contractors and make home improvement decisions through the years. He is also a pretty fun guy to hang out with!

I sincerely hope I don't have to hire him again - we found our "forever" home - but if I did need a realtor, I would hire Scott.”

Robin & John M. – Glenside

“Scott is without question the best real estate agent in the greater Philadelphia region. Professional, informed, dedicated, responsive, helpful and unbelievably hard-working...Do NOT contact him unless you REALLY want to sell your house. He will get it sold. Ours was gone in 8 days! He is known in the industry for his beautiful picture taking and marketing. His extensive knowledge and appreciation of our area's older homes is invaluable. He will be a strong advocate for you and your family and is in no way a salesman. He has a genuine desire to see his clients happy and in the right home.

He is straightforward, thorough and trustworthy.

We are so happy with our recent purchase that we hope never to personally need Scott's services, however we fully intend to keep him as a friend and resource.“

Marty & Mary B. – Wyncote

“Most friendly and personable, Scott is a consummate professional who brings an unrivaled passion to his work. His thorough knowledge of the area and the existing market allowed him to help us to properly and successfully price our property for a quick sale. He was superb in helping us "stage" our house without the necessity to use an outside service, and with his expertise as a photographer he produced a stunning set of pictures to show off our house. As we prepared our house for sale, Scott's keen eye and knowledge allowed him to find things that even a subsequent house inspection missed! During the course of our work with him, we found Scott to be extremely responsive and available, principled and honest in everything he did, wise and thoughtful in his counsel, and, when necessary, a firm and effective negotiator.

Want to sell your house? Scott is a “one-stop shop” you won’t be disappointed with!”

John & Elaine C. – Elkins Park

“It went very well. We had to sell our home in New York and purchase a new home in Philadelphia. He showed us several areas and many houses. He was very helpful and offered insight into the process. Scott was wonderful to work with, knowledgeable and patient, He showed us several areas to consider for our home purchase in the Elkins Park and surrounding areas of Philadelphia. We found he always went out of his way to answer questions and give us an honest answer. We would work with him again if ever needed, also we would highly refer others to him as clients. We give him an A+, hands down.”

Jim & Cheryl D. – Chestnut Hill & Rittenhouse Square

“We have worked with a fair number of realtors over the years and Scott is by far the best.

We first worked with Scott several years ago when we purchased a 200-year old house in Chestnut Hill. During that process we were particularly impressed with Scott’s ability to spot potential problems that we would otherwise have missed. In the case of at least one house, the issues he pointed out were a major factor in our decision not to make an offer on a house that, in retrospect, was clearly the wrong house for us. And, in the case of the house we bought, it enabled us to purchase the house with a clearer picture of the issues one faces with an older house.

Recently we have worked with Scott to purchase a Center City condo. He seemed just as knowledgeable in that area as well and helped us quickly narrow our choices in that market. With both purchases, he carefully followed up with the many parties involved (inspector, other agent, mortgage broker, insurance agent) to ensure that all details were in order prior to closing. As a result, in both sales, there were no problems and no surprises. We would definitely recommend Scott.’ Nate & Meghan V. – Elkins Park “Scott was an awesome advocate for us throughout the entire process and was essential to help us deal with the highs and lows of home buying. We have been working with Scott since January, and he provided expert knowledge to answer all of our questions. He was able to match our interests with available homes on the market.

We offer our highest recommendation and would not hesitate to work with Scott in the future.”

Gordon L. & Gail R. – Chestnut Hill

“Scott Laughlin is a brilliant agent. From the very beginning he was professional, gracious, knowledgeable -- wise, even -- and endlessly helpful. His honest advice at the very start about what we would need to do to prepare the house for listing was modest but exactly right. Indeed, his honesty is one of his great gifts. His suggestions about pricing arose from wide experience. In every decision he gave us good advice, but he also left us quite free. His photographs were beautifully done, as was the brochure he prepared. Throughout the process he was always available for our questions, either answering right away or calling or emailing back nearly immediately.

If you are looking to sell or buy a house in the greater Philadelphia area, Scott is your man.”