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Scott Laughlin

& Kathryn Mehan

About Scott

History and community weave the fabric of what we call home. You have deep roots in your community. Your house has roots, too. 
When it comes to real estate, everything is personal. You need the expert in historic property marketing.

  • Passion – a love of history & place
  • Creativity – a unique approach to marketing your home’s roots
  • Tenacity – doing everything to help maximize your home’s value
  • Integrity – focused ONLY on your best interests
Call me at 215-275-1685 to begin the process of unlocking the DNA of your home.

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About Kathryn

Choosing a real estate professional comes down to the details that matter to you; Is there a connection? Do you feel comfortable? Is your agent focused on your needs?

  • Connection - A shared interest in your journey
  • Focused - On your needs and goals
  • Perseverance - Will be with you throughout the process of buying or selling
  • Outcome - Creative marketing, finding your community and ultimately, YOUR HOME!
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