Scott Laughlin

My personal background... In Real Estate everything is personal! I was raised in the Delaware Valley. For most of my childhood I lived in Yardley and had a typical suburban childhood. We lived in a large (at least I thought so...) house that was "brand-new" at the time and everyone knew their neighbors! A house is more than bricks and mortar a home is made of memories. A few of my childhood memories include, Concord grapes growing on the fence that my Mother turned into home-made jelly! The large screened-in porch where we slept during summer rain storms! Our St. Bernards that loved the pool and were my own personal "riding machines"! Leaf forts at the curb in the Fall! The neighborhood soccer and baseball matches in our side yard! Our vegetable garden that always provided something new to eat in the summer months! My Mother raised my Brother and me on a teacher's salary and while times were tough for a single woman raising 2 children in the 60's and 70's we had a wonderful childhood. Leaving public education at high school I attended The George School and my Mother moved to a townhouse community in Newtown. While I probably did not truly appreciate the value of a Quaker education at the time I have found its teachings to be instrumental as an adult. I then attended Boston University where I received a Bachelor's degree in Management with a focus in Accounting. Leaving college and securing my first job as an "Accountant" I quickly realized that my calling was not behind a desk but in front of a desk selling. Within 1 year I left that trade and began a 20+ year career in sales. Ultimately my profession led me into large-scale multinational corporate sales with American Express where I spent nearly 10 years leading complex global negotiations with their Fortune 50 clients. Working for an organization like American Express I developed a strong understanding of "the power of the brand" when it comes to marketing and the power of working for "the leader" in their field. Both of which has proven instrumental in my decision to work for Prudential Fox and Roach (#1 in their field) in my unique approach to "branding" my own personal business and "branding" my clients' properties. After 20 years in the corporate world I finally decided that it was time to stop traveling 50%+ of my time and to seek a new career path where I could actually have a direct impact in the lives of my clients. I joined Prudential Fox and Roach in August of 2006 and have loved every minute since! This is likely one of the most emotional professions that one could have the honor of pursuing. The business of helping people with Buying and Selling their "memories" is a very complex and stressful process that takes creativity tenacity and compassion. It's a richly rewarding experience for me to be a part of my clients' life and to help them transition from one home to another. In addition to my geographic area of focus (Eastern Montgomery County and N.W. Philadelphia) I specialize in providing comprehensive support and marketing strategies for Owners and Buyers of historic and architecturally significant residences throughout the entire 5-county Philadelphia area. Whether you are buying or selling you can expect the following from me, Passion - first and foremost!An honest upfront and direct approach to making the most of our relationshipCompassion and understanding when dealing with your personal and family affairsCreativity in marketing and negotiatingTenacity to ensure you obtain the maximum value for your investmentConfidentiality in everything we discuss Chairman's Circle Award Winner - 2007 2009 2010 and 2013 President's Circle Award Winner - 2008 and 2012 Over $75 000 000 in Sales in the past 7 years Nearly 200 properties sold in the past 7 years